Why Trump’s Going to Win: Business is About the Last Man Standing

Donald Who?

I would argue that America is a business which is why we now have a business “leader” as our president. Once the pandemic hit, President Trump was quick to point out that America is “not made for” a (then turns out to be a series of) shutdown, which is the truth, just like women are not made for having a career, or thinking objectively because, well, they have a pre-existing condition of being a woman. Of course.

Our enemies are laughing themselves hearty. Our allies would probably have a snicker or two at America’s expense, until, they realize, h-h-holy shit, this is really happening. America is buying its own bull crap it’s selling, for a high price mind you, to the rest of the world, that, America, is a thriving democracy, the undisputed, tear-jerking, righteous leader of the coveted free world. The only parallel of the irony would be the Catholic Church.

The spin is strong in this one. I guess I’ve come to America looking for my own spin, and I’m learning a shit ton watching our President work. Raping, harassing women? whatcha gonna do about it? They are women, and I’m just being a man. Wink. Failed businesses? Look at how a proud boy roll. I can’t fail if I look this good for the cameras, every, single, time. Botched the pandemic response? But I’m just as careless as my followers are! See? We are close like THIS.

Which is to say, I whole-heartedly wish our President a miraculous, God-kissed recovery, and continue his crusade against our enemies, whoever that happens to be. I have lots to learn and it’s all about business.




Writes jokes.

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Judy Lee

Judy Lee

Writes jokes.

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